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How To Clean Your Dentures

Properly cleaning and taking care of your dentures is just as important as caring for your overall oral health.  


A denture is a good alternative for people who have lost some or all of their teeth, and having one certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have great oral health and a beautiful smile.  


Based on a video from Dr. Denis, we wanted to list some of her well-summarized tips around best practices for cleaning your dentures. Let’s get started! 

Select the color for your dentures that will keep you happy in the long-term 


This is a general tip as you make the transition to dentures for the first time. Dentures can’t be whitened later like natural teeth, so you’ll want to pick precisely the white you plan to keep long-term. 


And note: the color of your denture cannot get brighter, but it certainly can get darker if proper care is not performed.  


All that said, selecting the whitest denture color may not be the best solution for everyone. Remember that the goal here is a natural appearance. Take your time, and make the right decision—and don’t be nervous to ask your dentist for an option. We at Josey Lane would be happy to help by recommending appropriate options. 


Expert tip: in case you are using a partial denture, its color should be the same as your natural teeth. 


Use home equipment to clean your dentures 


Special dental cleaning products can do the job, but are not mandatory. You can have equally good results with good, old-fashioned equipment at home. 


Soap and water can be great allies in cleaning your dentures. Salt and baking soda are equally good home products to use as well. Just be sure you clean them off with water after so you don’t have the taste of soap in your mouth! 


To clean your denture properly, prepare a solution of soap, salt, or baking soda with warm water, and soak your denture in it for at least 15 minutes 


Then, take the denture in your hand like Dr. Denis shows in the video, soak your toothbrush into the solution, and start brushing the denture like you would brush your normal teeth. Be sure to brush along the gum line and across all the false teeth. Once you’re done, rinse your denture with water or mouthwash to remove the solution. 


Did you know plaque builds on dentures, too? Cleaning it once a day will keep plaque away, prevent bacteria buildup, and protect them from stains. 


Monthly maintenance 


Once a month, create a solution similar to that of the previous step, but this time use bleach and water. Put the denture inside the cup and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Afterword, take the denture in your hand and start brushing it across its surface, just like you normally would to the previous step. 


Be sure to rinse extra well after this monthly cleaning so that you don’t ingest any bleach water when you put the denture back in.  


Keeping your dentures clean and in great condition ultimately comes down to how you maintain them—just like your teeth! You’ll save money, too, because your dentures will last much longer. 


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