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How To Understand the Keto Diet

  Halfway through February, many of us are still trying to hold onto those New Year’s resolutions.     Specifically, those where we vowed to eat healthy and lose weight!    For those of us who have been around for the … Continue reading

What Are Dental Inlays vs. Onlays?

If you’re suffering from minor tooth decay, but traditional composite fillings are no longer working, no need to fear!    Did you know you have other options?    Treating tooth decay is essential, since it can pervasively and sometimes quickly … Continue reading

Which Of These Is Your “Tooth Woe?”

Many of us have insecurities, whether they go back to where we’re from, the schools we went to, or our appearance.    And, more often than not, it’s just what others tell us about our appearance that seeds insecurities later. … Continue reading

Fun Things To Do In And Around Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton is tucked in the very heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is a vibrant residential and corporate community. But, especially when living here, sometimes it’s helpful to read about some of the fun things the city offers to … Continue reading

Don’t eat that! A breakdown of recent health trends…

Knowing you need to eat healthy is easy, but executing the act can be difficult.     Really, really difficult.     Are eggs currently “in,” or what? What about grains and gluten even if you don’t have an intolerance or allergy? … Continue reading

Tooth Enamel Factoids You’ve Got To Know

Do you know what the hardest substance in your body is?     Are you thinking of your femur or another hard bone in your body?     It may be hard to believe that tooth enamel—the hard, outer surface layer of … Continue reading

Looking For Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth?

If the extra coffee and wine you enjoyed over the holidays have caused your teeth to lose their luster, don’t fret! Just like you need some time to unwind from your end-of-year eating habits to see a change in your … Continue reading

Unique Resolutions for You in 2019

We are all familiar with the typical New Year Resolutions. Last year, the top two resolutions made in the U.S. were to eat better and exercise more.     Unfortunately, statistics show that most people—upwards of 80%—fail completely and give up … Continue reading

Incredible Dental Technology We’re Excited About!

Watching technology trends is a favorite hobby among our practitioners here at Josey Lane Dentistry. From advancements in smartphones to home gadgets that can lock your doors and turn on your lights, sometimes is seems like we are living the … Continue reading

What Are Mini-Implants? Do I Need One?

When faced with significant tooth loss, the thought of dentures can be daunting. Not only is the procedure expensive, but it can be time consuming to complete. However, ignoring the problem could lead to more significant health issues.     When … Continue reading

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