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Tooth Travel Tips

With Thanksgiving mere days away, it’s likely that your mind is more aligned to turkey than toothbrushes.    However, if you are traveling this holiday season, it’s important to remember to practice good oral health habits—especially since your routine will … Continue reading

Common Problems and Best Care for Your Canines

When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you ever notice receding gum lines? There’s a good chance that, if you have, you’ve noticed it over your top two canine teeth.    Sometimes referred to as “gingival recession,” … Continue reading

The Dental History of Using Gold on Teeth

Gold teeth can be seen mending or adorning the mouths of pop stars. It’s been memorialized in music videos and movies. When sociologists look back at this time in history, however, it will not be the first time that gold … Continue reading

Big Advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think of cosmetic dental procedures, what do you picture? If invasive plastic surgeries come to mind, you might be surprised to learn that today’s noninvasive cosmetic dentistry is actually the most popular subset of cosmetic dental procedures.    … Continue reading

Tooth Truth: Everything to Know About Your Molars

Most people have two sets of teeth during their life: a set of primary or “baby” teeth and then the permanent or “adult” teeth. And making up these sets are four different types of teeth:   Incisors Canines Premolars And … Continue reading

Facial Changes with Tooth Loss

The effects of aging are almost always visible. Whether it’s graying hair or the wrinkling of the skin, advancing age isn’t something that can normally be hidden (whatever the cosmetic manufacturers would have you believe).   But, what about the … Continue reading

Top Halloween Alternative Treats

Halloween is right around the corner, and the amount of candy and treats consumed in the days surrounding it make even the most understanding dentist shudder! It’s estimated that more than $2.7 billion a year is spent on Halloween candy. … Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons You Really Do Want To Floss

When asked by their dentists, 98.4% of adults say they floss their teeth daily.   I’m sure you aren’t shocked to learn that over half of those people are lying. And not only do they know they’re lying, their dentists … Continue reading

Your Ultimate List of Foods That Affect Your Breath

You don’t have to be a foodie to know that certain foods in our diet can adversely affect your breath.   If you’ve had an Italian mean loaded with garlic, or a spicy Tex-Mex meal that came smothered in onions, … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Your Basics on Cosmetic Dentistry

How often do you look at your smile, and what you see disappoints or embarrasses you? More than a quarter of people in the U.S. report that they don’t like smiling because of their teeth, according to a recent study. … Continue reading

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