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Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Imagine it’s summertime and you’re out by the pool soaking up the Carrollton, TX heat with a popsicle in–hand. You take a bite into the frozen treat and immediately feel a radiating pain that starts in your mouth and shoots … Continue reading

How Do I Know If It’s Time for Dental Implants?

For many patients whose New Year’s resolutions were to “restore their smiles,” they might be thinking about teeth whitening treatment or teeth alignment technologies like Invisalign. But what if you suffer from missing teeth?    Missing teeth occur due to … Continue reading

Common Dental Problems For Older Adults and How You Can Avoid Them

As we age, we enter our lives’ second period of heightened cavity risks—the first, of source, having taken place during our childhood. During our senior years, our mouths dry, our teeth decay, and our nutritional intake worsen. The consequence is … Continue reading

Teeth…In Literature?

When you think about your favorite books or great works of literature, you probably think of compelling storylines, remarkable characters and deep love stories. While these themes are strung throughout the classics, have you ever take a look at how … Continue reading

Your SMART Last-Minute Resolutions

We hope all our readers have enjoyed some very happy holidays and are anxiously anticipating 2020! Are you ready for the celebration? If you are a procrastinator (or just exhausted from the festivities throughout December), we’re here to help you … Continue reading

What Do White Spots on Teeth Mean?

Most people have thought more than once about whitening their teeth. In fact, a recent survey showed 80% of Americans aged 18 to 49 specifically WANT whiter teeth.    Even if you have pretty white teeth already, have you ever … Continue reading

Nail Biting Doing Its Worst at the Holidays

While the holidays are supposed to be the “most wonderful time of year, the truth is that many of us face stress or anxiety thanks to complex family dynamics, increased expenses and major planning demands.    Some studies have shown … Continue reading

Dry Mouth—Result of Meal Choices or a Chronic Problem?

Over Thanksgiving, you might have done quite a lot of talking, smiling for photos and eating high-sodium foods.     It’s the holidays, after all!    As a result, you might have felt like your mouth was drier than normal. Maybe … Continue reading

Who Might Be Missing Out On Dental Benefits?

For those of us who have employer-sponsored health insurance, for many of us it’s that time of year when we hear about open enrollment.     Open enrollment allows employees (and their families) the opportunity to reevaluate the health and dental … Continue reading

We’re Thankful for These Dental Advancements

This time of year, it’s common to list what we are thankful for. The number one thing listed by most people polled are friends. Friends are followed by family, and then by health.     However, as dentists and dental professionals … Continue reading

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