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What Are the Fanciest Dental Products?

While many of us are stuck at home for the next couple weeks, that doesn’t mean we can’t take this time to practice a little self-care. There are numerous over–the–counter products that can give you that “just left the dentist’s … Continue reading

Who Needs All-On-Four Dentures?

For many people, dentures are necessary even if you’ve taken excellent care of your teeth. In any case, if you start to have severe toothaches, gum inflammation or shifting or loose teeth, it might be time to have the conversation … Continue reading

Diabetes and Your Mouth

Over 100 million adults in the United States have diabetes or are pre-diabetic according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control. Alarmingly, the rate of Type 2 Diabetes has doubled over the last five years alone.    … Continue reading

It’s Fluoride’s Birthday!

When you think about the year 1945, you might think of many world–changing events, like the conclusion of World War II or the start of the United Nations. However, often overlooked in the same year, none other than Grand Rapids, … Continue reading

Stainless Steel Crowns Compared to Other Crowns

More than 40% of Americans have a dental crown. And with an aging population, the percentage of people with a crown will only increase. The dentists at Josey Lane work to stay current on trends in dental crowns to ensure … Continue reading

The Past, Present and Future of Dental Impressions

If you’ve ever needed serious dental work done (like implants or orthodontic work), then you are familiar with dental impressions. A dental impression is a negative imprint of hard tissues (your teeth) and soft tissues (your gums) in the mouth. … Continue reading

Robotics in Dentistry

When you think about medical advancements, maybe you think about breakthrough pharmaceuticals. Maybe you think about technologies that revolutionize organ regeneration.    If we’re honest, you wouldn’t be alone if dentistry didn’t top your list of “cutting edge” medical professions.  … Continue reading

10 Dental Facts to Put You at Ease

Many of our patients at Josey Lane Dentistry confide in us that some of the anxiety they feel before coming to the dentist comes simply from facing the unknown, plus fears that a dentist might secretly judging their oral health … Continue reading

Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Imagine it’s summertime and you’re out by the pool soaking up the Carrollton, TX heat with a popsicle in–hand. You take a bite into the frozen treat and immediately feel a radiating pain that starts in your mouth and shoots … Continue reading

How Do I Know If It’s Time for Dental Implants?

For many patients whose New Year’s resolutions were to “restore their smiles,” they might be thinking about teeth whitening treatment or teeth alignment technologies like Invisalign. But what if you suffer from missing teeth?    Missing teeth occur due to … Continue reading

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