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More Things In Carrollton That Folks Said They’re Thankful For!

You might remember the article we posted a week ago about the things we’re grateful for in Carrollton. This time of year brings all kinds of warm fuzzies that have to do with family, friends, traditions and history—all of which … Continue reading

How Do You Brush and Floss When Your Gums Are Bleeding?

Can you think of a time during a tooth-cleaning where you heard Dr. Scaggs or Dr. Penchan call out numbers as they probed a device between each tooth? They were actually seeing how healthy your gums are, which is the … Continue reading

Eat Out This Thanksgiving In Carrollton!

Planning, cooking, and cleaning up after a Thanksgiving dinner can be time consuming and expensive. And, sometimes, you feel like you hardly spent time with the people you invited over to share it with. If the thought of fighting crowds … Continue reading

Things We’re Thankful In Carrollton, TX

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we want to take the time to count our blessings and tell you what we’re thankful for at Josey Lane this year.    Living and working in Carrollton allows us to be in a … Continue reading

The List: Foods Your Teeth Will Love This Holiday Season

Some of us, at least in some deep part of or minds, fear the holiday season due to the indulgent foods served up at events. Weight gain is an uncomfortable reality by the end of the holiday slog for a … Continue reading

In Honor of Trick-or-Treat: What diabetes does to your teeth

As we creep through October, the excitement of dressing silly, scary, or spooky for Halloween is an enormous source of excitement for kids (and adds a minor sense of terror for Drs. Scaggs and Penchan)! Acquiring massive amounts of candy…you … Continue reading

How To (Discretely) Cure Someone Else’s Bad Breath

Have you ever been on that date or had that friend whose bad breath is an ever-present beast? You know that breath that’s bad enough that you can smell it across the room and the pungent odor almost knocks you … Continue reading

How much could you lose in savings by the end of the year?

It is hard to believe, but the end of 2017 is quickly approaching, and that means everyone is going to be pressed for both time and money. As you try to prioritize what’s got to be done by the end … Continue reading

“Mouthing Off” and other weird teethisms

The English language is full of idioms that to native speakers are commonplace, but to non-natives are downright bizarre. An idiom is just a group of words whose meaning is established by popular usage, while totally nonsensical when you look … Continue reading

Important Lifestyle Hacks for Missing Teeth

Loosing teeth isn’t only a phenomenon children experience. In adults, however, it is not a momentous occasion celebrated by money under the pillow and tales of a fairy visiting.   While not commonly discussed, and normally classified as a normal … Continue reading

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