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Structure of Your Gums

We spend a lot of time talking about our teeth. Obviously your pearly whites are important, but what about the tissue below or above them? Have you ever thought about the structure of your gums? You might have googled, “why … Continue reading

If You Know A Child Born With A Cleft Lip

Cleft lips and cleft palates are familiar birth defects that occur in about 1 in 550 births. It would not be uncommon if you know or have interacted with someone with this condition, or whose children were born with the … Continue reading

The Real Reasons to Cancel a Dental Appointment

While we hope all our patients here at Josey Lane are looking forward to coming to their bi-annual cleanings, we know that many of you suffer from dental anxiety. This anxiety can make it easy to come up with a … Continue reading

The Guide to MAKE You Smile

Here at Josey Lane, we’re not only concerned about your smile, but also what makes you smile.   Happiness is key to full body wellness, and as you know, oral health is directly correlated to your overall health. The subject … Continue reading

Carrollton—Then And Now

The history of our state is about as ubiquitous as the history of the country. State pride runs deep among Texans, and the tales of the olden days of our independence fill history books and school lectures.   While many … Continue reading

DFW Gyms You’ve Got to Know About

You made the resolution to get back in shape in the new year. But halfway through the month, your daily gym workouts are losing their pizazz, and you are now desperately searching for another heartbeat-raising activity that can keep you … Continue reading

The Best Tooth Brushing

How much do you think about what you’re doing when you brush your teeth? We mean, really think.   Now go over the list of things to do in your head, or try to blow dry your hair with your … Continue reading

What’s the Deal on Veneers?

Do your teeth embarrass you? This feeling could stem from teeth that are cracked, chipped, stained or poorly spaced. So many people feel like they have to live with these imperfections and hide their smile, but the truth is there … Continue reading

What Gift Are You Giving Your Kids—In Your Example?

Holidays past and New Year resolutions abound, we have an important, introspective question for you to think about today.    We’re going to let you in on a little secret (or, perhaps, a word to the wise): leading by example … Continue reading

Where’s Your Focus?

With the launching of the new year, it’s easy to dwell on the past and the mistakes you made in the previous year—or be hyper-focused on the months to come. By not focusing on the present, you can quickly become … Continue reading

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