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6 Dreamlike Summer Vacation Alternatives

You have a few options. Maybe you already have your vacation destination planned, and you just want to get there and unwind. Or, maybe you’re really hankering for something new. In the case of the latter, whether it’s this year … Continue reading

Summer Foods and Your Teeth

You’ve probably heard that the health of your teeth depends a lot on your diet. You could say, your smile is what you eat. What you should also know is that summer has a special power to lure you and … Continue reading

Conversations to have with your dentist about dental implants

Since their contemporary introduction in the 1980s, dental implants have generated interest between dentists and patients alike. Although dental implants have been around in different forms for thousands of years, today’s technology is still relatively new. And it continues to … Continue reading

Stress and Your Oral Health

There has been a lot of talk about how stress is linked to chronic headaches, stomach problems, and emotional trepidation. What has yet to be discussed is how stress can also affect your teeth and gums. When you’re under psychological … Continue reading

Kids and oral hygiene

Old or young, your attitudes toward brushing your teeth might not be too different from what you thought as a kid. If it was hard getting yourself to brush your teeth as a child, that’s often a challenge that follows … Continue reading

Teeth Whitening At Home

Professional treatments are your easiest, safest and most efficient means of whitening your teeth. Many may still have lingering curiosities about home treatments, however, and we’re here to give you our professional input to make sure you go about it … Continue reading

How to Prevent and Cure Bad Breath

When you feel the presence of bad breath in your bed, it’s a shameful thing—no matter if it’s coming from your partner’s or your own mouth. And as universal as bad breath is, it’s still a social taboo. The only … Continue reading

Why Is Green Tea Good For Your Oral Health

Thinking about a warm cup of tea during cold winter days makes you smile, doesn’t it? But did you know that drinking several cups of green tea per day will make your smile even more beautiful? Not only that this … Continue reading

6 Genius Ways to Master Small Space Gardening

Tiny living is a craze sweeping the nation.  Giving up the house and the yard for small condos in the city or tiny homes on a small plot are a popular choice for both millennials looking to decrease their footprint … Continue reading

Shopping for the Family Simplified: Subscription boxes

Who doesn’t love a little treat in the mail every month?  Normally going to the mailbox is so uneventful. Bills, junk mail, and fundraising letter from your college are the norm most days when you open the box. How depressing. … Continue reading

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