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Thumb Sucking

Teaching your child to self-soothe is important, but it can also be difficult. Sometimes a pacifier is introduced to encourage self-soothing since the sicking motion naturally calms a baby.  However, some children don’t take to a pacifier.  No matter how … Continue reading

Easing Dental Phobia

Going to the dentist isn’t nearly as fun going to Disney World; however, most adults understand going to the dentist twice a year is necessary to main good oral and overall health.  Unfortunately, for nearly 10% of adults going to … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Have you visited the toothpaste aisle recently at the grocery store?  Hundreds of tubes staked high on shelves boasting promises of fresh breath and tooth whitening compounds.  The choices are dizzying. Advertisers don’t make it any easier since all pastes … Continue reading

What Retirement Means For Your Dental Health

As you head into retirement you may be looking forward to more time with your family, or traveling, or investing significant time in your hobby.  What you may not be looking forward to are navigating health issues in a new … Continue reading

4 Superfoods For a Healthy Life

“Man cannot live on bread alone.”   Well, let me introduce you to my toddler who is trying to prove that false.  Akin to Buddy the Elf who sticks to four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and … Continue reading

Tips to Get the Whole Family Fit

Exercise and getting more active tops the majority of Americans New Year’s resolution lists.  It definitely makes sense.  It seems that from Thanksgiving to Christmas you constantly gorge on cookies and heavy foods, and by January you are ready for … Continue reading

How to Set AND Reach Your New Years Goals

With the New Year right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what resolutions you want to make.  Almost half of all Americans make annual goals, but of those less than 46% keep them after six months.  … Continue reading

5 Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Sometimes it seems like you plan for weeks, cook for hours, and only eat for minutes on Thanksgiving Day.  So much time and money is spent preparing a spread that will be consumed for one maybe two meals.  By Saturday … Continue reading

Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Whatever happened to kids throwing a sheet over their head and pretending to be a ghost for Halloween?  I’ll tell you what happened: Pinterest.  For the less creatively inclined, Pinterest can be a godsend.  However, for those of us that … Continue reading

3 Alternatives for Halloween Candy

Let’s face it: Halloween can be a really scary night to be a tooth with all that added sugar getting passed around. There are lots of fun alternatives that are sure to keep trick or treaters smiling throughout the night … Continue reading

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