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Tobacco and Teeth

This year’s Fall For Smiles campaign is called Our Future. Our Families: Reaching Oral Health Equity. The campaign revolves around Oral Health America’s founding goal of educating the public about the best oral care habits, and equalizing access to oral … Continue reading

Fall Healthy Food Choices

Autumn treats come in the form of rich pies, hearty soups, and great heaps of Halloween candy. Much of the seasonal produce marks a healthy change in family diets after a summer filled with vacation foods, cold bear and barbeques. … Continue reading

Launching Fall For Smiles

We are thrilled to inform you about the excitement this month at Josey Lane! Once again, we are joining Oral Health America and other dental organizations on the mission of promoting greater oral health.    Oral Health America was founded … Continue reading

Can You Force Your Teenager to Wear Mouthguards in School Sports?

High school, for some teenagers, is as much about navigating changes to their “look” (both in fashion and body) as it is about school itself. Your teenager might be focused on looking their best, or more generally on avoiding negative … Continue reading

How To Pack School Lunchbox For Healthy Teeth

Some things are easy when your kids are at home on summer and winter breaks. The whole family enjoys meals together, and you can make sure that your kids are eating foods that are beneficial both for their oral and … Continue reading

Self-Esteem and Teeth at School

When asked, many parents might name milestones in their children’s lives like learning to crawl, speaking, and starting school. One milestone that’s typically overlooked, however, is the development of your kids’ adult teeth as it relates to their maturing appearance. … Continue reading

Back to School and Back to the Dentist

After few months of waking up late, spending days outside in the sun and not thinking about homework that needs to be done for tomorrow, it’s time for your kids to sharpen their pencils and prepare for the upcoming fall … Continue reading

Wisdom Teeth: Common Complications

Wisdom teeth have a name that suggests great age and distinction—but the reality of these third molars can be a problem for as many as 80% of adolescents and young adults. Unlike teething as a baby, wisdom teeth sometimes come … Continue reading

6 Dreamlike Summer Vacation Alternatives

You have a few options. Maybe you already have your vacation destination planned, and you just want to get there and unwind. Or, maybe you’re really hankering for something new. In the case of the latter, whether it’s this year … Continue reading

Summer Foods and Your Teeth

You’ve probably heard that the health of your teeth depends a lot on your diet. You could say, your smile is what you eat. What you should also know is that summer has a special power to lure you and … Continue reading

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